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November 2 Birthday Astrology

Scorpio by Chris Nurse

Scorpios born on November 2 are stubborn individuals who possess emotional and spiritual stamina. Although they often seem quiet and introspective, they are fighters who support the status quo and expect it to support them. Every emotional scene in their lives is high drama. They do not enjoy being disagreed with and so often get their way.

Friends and Lovers

People born on this date are intensely loyal to their friends and demand similar loyalty. There are a great many control issues with them, which can be a challenge. In love, they can be very jealous. They love deeply so may not be aware of how controlling they can seem, even to those who love them in return.

Children and Family

Like many Scorpios, November 2 people are plugged into childhood memories. The past is not dead to them — it affects their lives every day. Though they want to see their children become independent, they may be clinging and demanding. This is usually done out of love, yet it can create a rift between parent and child.


People born on this date are iconoclasts when it comes to their health. They understand the value of exercise and proper eating and generally obey these rules, but on their own terms. They enjoy solitary sports such as running or hiking. They pursue these interests less for physical exercise than for a need to be alone with their thoughts.

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Career and Finances

People born on this date have talent for acting, speech making, speech writing, teaching, and creative work. They are often religious and may seek to work within their faith. Money rarely tempts them to do something they prefer not to do. They’re dedicated to ideas, not their pocketbook. Because they prefer to live simply, they may appear parsimonious. In truth, they’re generous.

Dreams and Goals

November 2 people see every aspect of life as a battle to be won, a challenge to be overcome. They have high standards and want to do everything on their own. While most people welcome a little good luck, November 2 people don’t feel as if they have earned their goals unless they have been forced to suffer to attain them.

Scorpio Information for November 2

You should embrace: Fairness, good judgment, tenacity

You should avoid: Dogmatic attitudes, hypocrisy, possessiveness

Article by Jill M. Phillips, Photo by Chris Nurse

Avatar of ScorpioSeason founder. A Scorpio interested in people and life.

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52 comments on “November 2 Birthday Astrology
  1. Jona says:

    Totally me

  2. Wow, last comment on here was my birthday last year… er… our birthday? Yeah, somethin like that. Gotta admit, the info above is pretty much dead-on. Kewl. :)

  3. dennis says:

    this is definitely me! =)

  4. diane says:

    VERY generalized. if you november 2 people read other scorpio birthday horoscopes you would agree.

  5. Drew says:

    Bday S/O we are one day aways guys!!!!! @YuungSweetJones

  6. kia says:

    im always here getting advice and they always help me through my tough times.They do an awesome job in describing me and this explains my dream for being a teacher♥

  7. Siara says:

    Love this! I totes love solitary exercises, especially hiking! This post makes me wanna do stuff I never thought I could! Haha, like write a novel or two :)
    Oh, my username is @Oriion02

  8. MAngelic says:

    November 2 is my B-Day!!!! 10 days and counting!!!!!

  9. MAngelic says:

    Friends and Lovers and Children and Family were right on to a T!!!!

  10. Shyme`re says:

    Lol, creepy but i love it!!! “The past is not dead to them — it affects their lives every day.” Maaaaaaaaaaaaan lol exactly!! *gets chills* lol Twitter name is @SweetzDaGaPeach

  11. J'Kyra Briggs says:

    @_jdsha is my twitter name and november 2nd is my bday i would love a shout out!

  12. angela scully says:

    @angelascully is my twitter, november 2nd is my bday!

  13. Brenda Ruiz says:

    Omg this os so true about me i just cant believe that with only zodiac sign you can know everything about a person without meeting in person! It will be so cool if i got happy birthday shout out from you!!! Lol cant believe its almost here!!! Lol
    My twitter is @brenduhlovesu

  14. Love the November 2 Scorpio Profile. #Teamscorpio @poshconcepts Shout me out in a couple weeks! ;-)

  15. Jacqueline says:

    I definitely like my solitude…. and I’m stubborn, but not to the point of ridiculous. I’ve learned to pick my battles, that said don’t corner me. Happy Birthday fellow scorps! @mmejacqueline

  16. Mia says:


  17. @Kacey_easyAAs says:

    Umm yeah….this is so me….& my husbandon the 9th of nov. Smh….pray for us lol

  18. Nina Skyy says:

    @Nina__Skyy #TeamScorpio

  19. Thomasena says:

    Agreed..!!! Hit the nail on the head..!! This is me all day, everyday..!! ^_^

  20. Thomasena says:

    Twitter @iSeen_a_Bean

  21. KeShaun Banks says:


  22. jasmine says:


  23. Tracy says:

    Birthday shout out @BabygirlTH88

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

  24. Julissa says:

    My birthday is on this day I’ll be turning 19 & it would be sooooo great if you tweeted happy birthday to meee :) my twitter name is: @julissaaxo . i’ve been following you for the longest & loveee ittt <3

  25. LADYLadet says:

    It’s lady ladet. I’m a scorpion, November 2nd baby

  26. M'Kayla says:

    birthday shoutout @Mmm_kayla for nov. 2nd

  27. PudgeAllDay says:

    Definitely agree with most of this. & the parts I don’t, are probably because i’m in denial!

    Twitter @pudgeallday

  28. Kelly says:


  29. Danielle says:

    this was soooooo true about me, i’m so stubborn and possessive >.<
    twitter: @DanielleNeoki

  30. cristina says:

    Birthday Shout Out @Taiyow

  31. Tanesha says:

    Birthday shout out @nurse_neish07

  32. Michaela says:


  33. @pixiebella88 says:

    Wow.. that is so accurate!

  34. Adrianobama says:

    I love all your tweet!! So true man.

  35. Santana says:

    This seems to be very accurate about myself !! (:
    Bday Shout out !!!! @iamtana24

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

  36. Demarco says:

    BDay shout out @ICosignMyself2

  37. De"Aries says:

    BDay shout out @wisemanonmars

  38. Spivey says:

    True! @spiveydivaa

  39. Trina Lyons says:

    This is so on point for me. @poocheeno

  40. Dashe says:


  41. shay says:

    This is on point! Everything describes me to the tee! At first I was in denial saying some of it doesn’t match me, but in fact it really does! I had to face the reality! But I loved it! TWITTER. @iHOODCHICK561

  42. Jennifer says:


  43. i'esha says:

    That’s a accurate description pertaining my birthday. Twitter @Callme_Esh

  44. Lee says:

    True. @cutiewitaboooti

  45. Jivita says:

    It’s creepy how you can tell so much about a Scorpio, without even knowing all of us. I’m from Holland and it would be really cool to get a tweet from you on my birthday! @Jivitaa

  46. Dena says:

    @denab3362 prety darn accurate!:)

  47. ashley harrell says:

    @ kiss_myAAS

  48. Danielle says:

    This is me all they way!!! I love reading ur posts because they are so true!!!! @Danniesweets

  49. Raven says:

    Thats kind of accurate. Except that I hate exercising, but its true that I pursue more of the need to be alone than health reasons. I often want to get my way, but I try to be rational and calm. I don’t show my jealousy easily but I am probably jealous inside *shrugs* I am not crazy about money but more for my interest in something I like. Anyways, Scorpio characters are complicating haha nobody knows what we are really thinking. Thank you for the facts, they are pretty true :) @

  50. Lelia says:


  51. Eliana Lorenzana says:

    That’s a pretty accurate info about me… Love how u describe Scorpio people. You always say the true facts about us.. I always get surprise about that and i love it.. Thank you for all and you are the best :) Im sorry my username es @Elidenizze :D Cheers…!!

  52. Eliana Lorenzana says:

    That’s a pretty accurate info about me… Love how u describe Scorpio people. You always say the true facts about us.. I always get surprise about that and i love it.. Thank you for all and you are the best :D

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