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November 12 Birthday Astrology

Scorpio by D. Hellandbrand

November 12 Scorpios possess a dual nature and may be perceived as a “saint” or “sinner.” Their penetrating intelligence is almost unnerving because it seems able to decipher the others’ motives. They are loners, yet they have a magnetic personality. They can use their appeal to manipulate, though they risk alienating others if they do.

Friends and Lovers

November 12 men and women arouse strong feelings — people either like them or dislike them. They have a hard time trusting others. Although passionate, they may have periods of self-inflicted celibacy. They are happiest in a relationship that allows physical and spiritual intimacy.

Children and Family

As with almost everything else, November 12 people find that family life is a study in extremes. They take the lessons of childhood into their adult life. They may have difficulty showing their children affection. This generally becomes easier as the children get older.


November 12 people require emotional and spiritual motivation to feel good about themselves. If they are unhappy, they may seek relief in food, drink, or drugs. If they can get interested in a workout routine, they are likely to become fixated on it, rather than on bad habits.

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Career and Finances

These men and women are ambitious and eager to prove that they have what it takes to be successful. Because they don’t really get along well with others, they do best in a career that rewards solitary accomplishment. They are often careless with money. This could be the result of indifference or a lack of financial training.

Dreams and Goals

People born on this date want their talents recognized. They often possess great sensitivity in this area and are caught between wanting their dreams to come true and feeling certain they won’t. When they’re feeling good about themselves, they can accomplish amazing things. They simply need to believe in their own abilities.

Scorpio Information for November 12

You should embrace: Enchantment, self-reliance, devotion

You should avoid: Unkindness, selfish motives, vindictiveness

Article by Jill M. Phillips, Scorpio art by D. Hellandbrand

Avatar of ScorpioSeason founder. A Scorpio interested in people and life.

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61 comments on “November 12 Birthday Astrology
  1. Dominica Edwin says:

    Soo me, being a loner

  2. joe rugby says:

    anyone know any scorpios born on Nov 12th that will turn 14 this year? This is a one in a lifetime event extraordinary, once in a life time event. True, turning 14 is once in a lifetime event but on 11/12/13?

  3. Amde says:

    This is very accurate, I am a loner, but my magnetic personality means i always have friends even though i’m very picky with whom i bring in..I also am happiest when i’m in the spiritual and emotional connectivity, And am always loving to the person i have strong feeling for.

  4. Opal Ellyse says:

    THIS IS SOOOOO ME!!!! I love it, thank you!!! :) Shout me out on twitter if you can @opalellyse

  5. Kadi says:

    Shout me out on Nov 12 @chocolatekadz

  6. Cali says:

    Nov 12. I’m finally 18.
    Shout me out :)

  7. Nan says:


  8. Nan says:

    I would like a shout out. My birthday is Nov. 12th thanx!

  9. Solice says:!/justSolice .. @justSolice

    thanks again for the shout out.. love this site!

  10. Solice says:

    thanks so much for the birthday shout out. you guys have been accurate since i’ve read your tweet!

  11. briana reese says:

    I am @bri_unnuh and my bday is Nov 12. Was hoping to get a shoutout on my bday.

  12. Carla says:

    thanks in advance for the shoutout! :D

  13. lashaunda says:

    love being a scorpio #teamscorpio

  14. Daniel says:

    Born on the 12th I can relate to all of the above, but there was one thing missing. When someone special starts to support us in the ways we need to see self worth, then leaves, we crumble and have a very hard time picking up the pieces.

  15. Shinta says:

    Twitter: @shintadwiputri
    Thanks for the shoutout! :D

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  16. uilani says:

    Interesting…. Some true, some not.

  17. Courtney says:

    My twitter is @PrettySmilez12

  18. Jennifer says:

    Twitter @Genophur2

  19. Caroline twitter name: AngelicTreasure says:

    As a Scorpio I definitely love my alone time but when I am with someone special I require their full attention and love. Must say Physical attention and connection is a must. After all, what Scorpio doesn’t love to seduce another and express their sexual passion and appetite and show the object of their affection just why they’re priveldaged to be with us??!! Twitter@ AngelicTreasure …can you guess which of the dual nature’s I’m perceived as?!

  20. Caroline twitter name: AngelicTreasure says:

    Twitter @AngelicTreasure Birthday Shoutout November 12th LOVE IT

  21. Alondra says:

    my twitter >>

  22. Kelly says:

    Twitter @kellyv0llmer .. Really on point!

  23. tia says:

    Twitter @Tiaja_Imani

  24. Chuck Obienu says:

    My twitter is @chuckieobienu …most of the things said here apply to me. Shout me out on November 12th. Peace & Everything nice!!

  25. angel says:

    twitter @watch7maker

  26. Dember says:

    Twitter @mdmwild

  27. amanda says:

    twitter @Phoenixlovesme

    This is me to a T o.O

  28. Tiana says:


  29. Nechie says:

    30 November 12th, 4:46pm
    I’m just realizing, that in my early 30′s, I like to be alone more often than not. I don’t feel bad now, I’m a loner by nature.
    Twitter – @hottSHELLZ

  30. Morgan says:

    twitter – @morgsters55

  31. @thejujuqueen says:

    Not so sure about the saint/sinner thing; but the rest is fairly spot on.

  32. Lauren says:

    Twitter – @LaurenScotty

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  34. Kezia says:

    Twitter – @ziaohh

  35. Nadine Zaher says:

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  37. Jule5 says:

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  38. Matilda says:

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    twitter @Shonsbygrace

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  41. shari says:

    twitter name @SweetestCherryy

  42. Will says:

    twitter @WILL_I_AMDABOSS

  43. Liz says:

    Twitter name @angeles1112

  44. Kaley says:

    twitter @GYMTANKALEY

  45. Christina says:

    Twitter @nubreedmarie (some of this was accurate for me, not all of it tho)

  46. Edita says:

    Twitter @EditaSafaryan

  47. Cindy Ellis says:


  48. Katrina B says:

    Twitter: @ladykatya3

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  50. Melon Chaise says:

    Twitter @melonchaise – a pretty accurate representation.

  51. Laura Soko says:

    @lttsox – Twitter
    Its the Big 3-0 for me this year (& some of this was true)

  52. IB Amaso says:

    Most of that was true…. @iamaso

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  53. IB Amaso says:

    I totally agree with most of this assessment but not everything. Lol!!! @iamaso

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    Twitter @CherryGummy :)

  56. courtney wells says:

    Twitter @coco_butter89 and most of that was true

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